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DermaTrue Derma Roller 6 Piece Kit for Face & Body
DermaTrue Derma Roller 6 Piece Kit for Face & Body
DermaTrue Derma Roller 6 Piece Kit for Face & Body
DermaTrue Derma Roller 6 Piece Kit for Face & Body
DermaTrue Derma Roller 6 Piece Kit for Face & Body
DermaTrue Derma Roller 6 Piece Kit for Face & Body
DermaTrue Derma Roller 6 Piece Kit for Face & Body


DermaTrue Derma Roller 6 Piece Kit for Face & Body

⚜BETTER RESULTS GUARANTEED– Be it those fine lines or wrinkles, DermaShine’s skin roller micro-exfoliates your skin, moisturizes it and makes it smoother, plumper and tighter like never before. Unlike most derma rollers, we use the highest medical grade titanium needles with 600 needles per head, giving your skin more coverage, more care, and a much more effective microneedling experience. Try out our kit and watch as you quickly shed unsightly blemishes to reveal smooth and radiant skin

⚜STERILE & HYGIENIC WITH 4 REPLACEMENT HEADS- Each piece in our derma roller set is sanitized and vacuum-packed to make sure that it is clean and sterile before use. We also offer more replacements heads than any other kit on the market. Our kit includes 4 600 x 0.25mm titanium needle replacement heads, 1 robust derma roller handle, 1 acrylic storage travel case, and 3 sanitary cups. For better prevention simply replace a roller head after 3-5 uses.

⚜ PAINLESS & SAFE FOR HOME USE - Why invest an exorbitant amount of money and time in skin clinics when you can do it at home in your own time? Our convenient kit uses 0.25mm needles that have been approved by licensed dermatologists to be safe and painless. Your results are guaranteed!

OPTIMIZE YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE - Our derma roller can be paired with your favorite skin care products to achieve optimum results. Apply your usual facial cream or serum right after the derma roller microneedling process exfoliates your skin to maximize its absorption.

⚜100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are confident that our derma roller set can help give your skin a radiant and smoother look after weeks of proper usage. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee in the rare case you face any issues. Order today risk free!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love the product but hate the waste.

No refills means we are contributing negatively to the planet.
Big bummer because I like the product.

Derma roller

I have been using it for about 2 weeks 3 times a week followed by the derma shine Led mask, I do believe my skin feel firmer. I was a little hesitant to use the roller but watched a video on how to use and just dove right in.. There were parts of my face it was sore but I feel like it is working to firm my skin. Will definitely continue use. I didn't however keep my order number so I can't register it for warranty..

Love it, but no refills means more waste

We don’t need to be adding any more plastic to the environment. While I love this roller I won’t be buying another kit because it’s too wasteful. Dermashine said they’d come out with replacement heads months ago and there’s no evidence that’s happening. It’s really a bummer.

If you care about your face then USE THIS

My skin is very sensitive so I'm very careful about not just applying, or in this case just rolling anything on there. I was very much paranoid about sterilization of the needles, so I was super relieved that everything came vacuum sealed. I'm happy to say that it's actually painless when rolling, and had absolutely 0 side effects! I have some bad acne scarring and discoloration on my face. With consistent use of this device, my scarring and discoloration has slowly but surely been disappearing!

Good home skincare tool

Its wonderfully gentle to the skin. Needs precaution to use but once you get a hand on it there is no looking back. Works fine and can see a bit of difference with just three uses.